Web 2 Market has partnered with Acctivate to provide a seamless solution for Magento merchants looking to bring their accounting system to the next level.


Acctivate QuickBooks Integration for Magento

Many of our clients love QuickBooks, but need a more sophisticated features, and Magento integration.  Acctivate is suitable for growing businesses looking to improve productivity and profitability.  It integrates with QuickBooks, extending its capabilities and offering robust inventory control, business management and customer satisfaction tools.  The Magento extension provides complete integration with QuickBooks.

Functionality includes purchasing, warehousing, sales, marketing, shipping and customer service. It also includes tailored solutions for several industries: automotive parts, food and beverage, apparel, medical equipment, and industrial supplies.

Sophisticated inventory control helps companies manage acquisition, warehousing and distribution. Key features include matrix inventory, picking, packing and shipment tracking, kitting, assemblies, barcoding and serial number management.

Founded in 1983, Alterity developed software products for a wide variety of industries over the next four decades.  In the late 90’s, they began work on an inventory program to integrate with CYMA Accounting Software. Acctivate for CYMA accounting software came to market in 1999.

In 2003, Alterity delivered the award-winning Acctivate for QuickBooks.  Intuit named Alterity a charter Gold developer – the highest level of achievement awarded to development partners.

Web 2 Market and Alterity partnered in 2016.

Acctivate has the tools to:

  • Manage acquisition, manufacturing, warehousing & distribution activities – in one location or multiple locations throughout the world
  • Handle discrete, process (recipe or formula), refurbish, remanufacture &/or custom manufacturing
  • Improve productivity and visibility throughout your manufacturing & business operations
  • Integrate with your Magento CE or Magento EE ecommerce store

Solving business needs globally

The international editions seamlessly integrate with all QuickBooks international editions, providing the tools needed to manage the supply chain, improve customer satisfaction and operate with efficiency and effectiveness.

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