Web 2 Market Partners with Amasty Magento to deliver premium extensions to our clients.

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About Amasty Magento Extensions

Amasty offers Magento extensions meeting even the pickiest merchant’s needs, and consistently timely support as well. As one of the largest extension developers, and with a long history, they’ve earned an outstanding reputation. When developing Amasty Magento extensions they always follow the highest quality standards. They are proud to be a Bronze Magento Industry Partner. Providing first-class service is one of their top priorities. Your satisfaction and gratitude really mean a lot and they do their best to deserve both. Having used many Amasty extensions for our clients’ sites, we can verify they are well written and secure.

About Amasty

Why buy Amasty extensions?

Complete client satisfaction and loyalty are major priorities. They are committed to fully understanding your needs and meeting your expectations. Amasty provides extensions for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x versions, both CE and EE platforms.

Some Amasty Extensions include:

  • Layered Navigation – Multiple filters to narrow down the product choices
  • Free Gift – Customers can receive a free gift with purchase
  • Product Labels – Label products as ‘new’, ‘on sale’ or whatever you want
  • Shipping Rate Tables – Flexible rate tables for custom shipping rates
  • Improved Sorting – Sort by Best Sellers, Most Viewed and more
  • Product Part Finders – Add a year/make/model search to your navigation
  • Custom Email Settings – Choose to send email out via an email server other than on the website
  • Custom Stock Status – Label status with whatever terminology you’d like
  • Geo IP Locator – Identify the customer’s location to target special offers
  • AJAX Shopping Cart Notification – AJAX popup allows customers to view and edit orders without leaving the page
  • Product Attachments – Allow customers to attach images, or other files, to orders
  • Multiple Coupons – Accept multiple coupons from the same customer

Find more Amasty extensions on their website.