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About Hawksearch Magento

Hawk Search Magento offers innovative solutions to deliver a more relevant and effective customer experience. Hawk can easily be integrated with just about any platform. It’s scalable and designed to handle millions of transactions with sub second response time. Hawk Search’s SaaS and on-premise solutions allow you to grow at your own pace. Hawk Search customers have reported a 30% increase in the number of visitors using site search.

Let Us Help You

Your organization is ready to modernize your customer experience and site search capabilities. Do you need help understanding the benefits that Hawksearch provides? Would you like a demo? Get a quote or request a demo.

  • Drive a top-notch experience
    Over 25% conversion increases with next generation Intelligent Search, Dynamic Navigation, and E-merchandising features. Experience a bigger impact with Predictive Recommendations and Visitor Targets.
  • Get More Done Than Ever Before
    Less support tickets and more getting things done. From analytics to e-merchandising to content management, gain the level of control that you have been demanding for years.
  • SEO Impact
    Search engine marketing has built-in support. Search engine friendly URLs are out-of-the box and the robust sitemap generator builds out the unique pages that your team deems crucial.
  • Intelligent Search
    Built upon open-source search technology, HawkSearch adds intelligence by influencing relevance based on real-time user behavior, business metrics, and boost and bury rules.
  • Predictive Recommendations
    Tap into the power of machine learning to drive 1:1 merchandising throughout your site. Business users have full control of where, when, and which recommendation strategies are useful.
  • Mobile Commerce
    With Hawk Search you can bring the power of search and navigation to your mobile site without having to create a duplicate website or complicate the management of your website
  • Dynamic Navigation
    Dynamically created left or top navigation bars
  • Voice-Enabled Search
    Provide your visitors with a high quality hands free search experience when they use their mobile or tablet devices.
  • Visitor Targets
    Show your visitors the most relevant product and promotions based on channel, location, or marketing campaign.
  • Smart Autocomplete
    Hawk Search guide visitors to relevant results and purchases by displaying options when they type into your search box—it predicts what they want as they type.
  • Multi-Site Support
    Managing multiple sites across different vendors is a pain and takes up so much time. Hawk Search keeps things simple by providing multi-site support across your sites. Whether it is two sites or 20+ sites, we can handle it all quickly and painlessly.
  • Multi-Language Support
    Hawk Search supports over 30 languages out of the box.