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Nextopia Magento search

About Nextopia Magento Search

Adaptive search algorithm

  • Automatically ranks your best-performing results based on customer behavior
  • Fast, accurate, and optimized results to increase customer satisfaction, because your customers find what they want the first time
  • Visual merchandising for all search queries, less reading, more finding
  • Includes blogs, videos, and user-guide information in your search results

Dynamic Filters

  • Effectively narrow down search results
  • Fully customizable attributes and refinements (size, color, brand, etc.)
  • Product ranking optimized for conversions
  • Dynamic filters on any page
  • Ratings and reviews

Automated Keyword Stemming

  • Instant product matches with every keystroke
  • Matches partial terms
  • Handles singular and plural variations
  • Advanced merchandising in search results
  • Adapts to customer behavior and automatically ranks the best-performing results

“Sounds Like” & “Did You Mean…” Suggestions

  • Save time and avoid spelling errors
  • Error-tolerant fuzzy matching
  • “sandels” will find “sandals”

Custom Synonym Matching

  • Avoid the dreaded “no results found” page
  • Speak your customers’ language
  • Create custom synonym maps

Keyword-Triggered Product Promotions

  • Create customized landing pages for keyword driven product promotions, almost like reading the visitor’s mind
  • Control what promotional products are shown first, because you know what most people are searching for.

Some Merchandising Tools as well

Promotional Banners

  • Because you’ll get enhanced visual merchandising on every page
  • Optimize conversions for specific items with keyword triggered promotional banners

Promotional Badges

  • Merchandise hot items, leading to an increase in conversions and average order value
  • Easily guide your customers to the items you choose


  • Direct your customers to the URL of your choice based on their location, which feels more natural to visitors.
  • Create merchandising rules specific to your visitor’s geographic location and needs, for better targeting of your promotions.

You Might Like

  • Display complementary products on any eCommerce site, resulting in some additional sales
  • Dynamically generated recommendations based on user behavior, almost like you’re reading their mind
  • Enhanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities result in an increase in average order value
  • Completely customizable design and layout (fonts, colors, size, etc.), since the search results need to look like your site

For a more additional features, visit the Nextopia site.

Nextopia search Magento