Web 2 Market Partners with Spee-Dee to Offer a Magento Extension

Web 2 Market now offers a Spee-Dee Magento Extension.

spee-dee magento extension

Magento merchants in the Midwest now have another shipping option. Spee-Dee Delivery’s rates are 30-46% lower than Fedex and UPS. You can reduce your shipping rates if you’re shipping within the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Spee-Dee also serves the St. Louis Metro region.

About Spee-Dee Delivery

Established in 1978, we’ve continued to grow with service focusing on the Upper Midwest. We invite you to take a closer look at Spee-Dee Delivery and its offerings. You’ll find a few facts that may surprise you and will definitely provide benefit for your business.

Like many successful businesses, Spee-Dee started small—very small. Spee-Dee was founded in 1978 by Donald Weeres, an ambitious 35-year-old farm boy from Richmond, Minnesota. Spee-Dee began as an on-call courier service with Donald using his pickup truck to deliver packages to local businesses.

His vision was to build an alternative overnight delivery service that offered customers better services at a lower price than the competition.The philosophy of delivering better overnight service at a lower price still stands at Spee-Dee over 36 years later.

It has gotten us to where we are today. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown into a company of 1,800 employees strong, and we now operate over 1,300 pieces of equipment to deliver your important packages daily.

Find out more about Spee-Dee Delivery here. To find out more about the Spee-Dee Magento extension, click here.

spee-dee magento extension

Web 2 Market offer Magento design, development, hosting and digital marketing. Our team of 20 US-based experts are ready to help you sell more and manage better. If you’d like your Spee-Dee Magento integration to function differently than our off the shelf extension, we’ll be glad to provide a quote. Simply fill out a quote request form here.