PrestaShop vs. Magento Which One Is The Right Choice?

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Deciding which eCommerce platform to use for your online retail store is tough. And the reason is that there are a wide range of CMS options to compare. You can narrow down the search by shortlisting the Open Source Platforms first. With these platforms, customization makes it easy to provide a better experience to the shoppers. Now that we are talking about making the right choice among the best eCommerce platforms, Magento and PrestaShop could be your top two contenders to compare. Let’s compare PrestaShop vs Magento.

PrestaShop vs Magento

A Quick Breakdown of PrestaShop vs Magento:

Since both the platforms are Open Source, customization is possible in many different ways. PrestaShop gives you the option to integrate multiple features, provides SEO benefits, etc., Magento, however, is known as the leader in eCommerce development with unbeatable security, user experience and features. The choice between PrestaShop and Magento can be tough as both provide a huge variety of features and customization options.

What You Get with Magento?

It comes with all kinds of flexibility. As an admin, you are the one who controls the entire system. You can change the look, content and how it functions. It is easy for the web site owners to optimize it for search engines. You can even use it as a catalog management tool.

Magento ensures the safety of users and has regular security patches released. And a recent partnership with eBay makes the system even more powerful and secure. It comes with two versions – CE and EE.

The CE version is free for startups while the EE version makes a great choice for national brands. Magento supports more than 5,000,000 products in the EE version.

What you Get with PrestaShop?

Prestashop is another powerful open source eCommerce platform with some amazing features. Its basic version comes free, but it needs paid templates and modules if you want the most out of it.

PrestaShop is available in 40 languages, but fully supports only two – English and French. Also, you need to rely upon the paid technical support as no free support is provided by PrestaShop. You can simply hire a pro developer to take care of the development issues. You must have expertise in multiple areas to use it including PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and a Linux, UNIX.

Regardless of which one you choose between PrestaShop vs Magento, you need to start with the right hosting. For Prestashop, consider Aspiration Hosting. If you need Magento hosting, consider Web 2 Market.

For more guidance about the right choice, give us a call!

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