7 Ways to Improve Your SEO for Magento

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SEO for Magento

Here are 7 ways to increase the traffic coming to your Magento site and improve SEO for Magento. Want even more help? Talk with one of our expert digital marketers.

Up to date and relevant data

  • Keeping your site up-to-date may seem obvious but many fail to update their site regularly. This can be done by adding a new blog entry, re-working product descriptions, or updating or adding videos to your site, among other things. But remember when adding content to your site, make sure it is relevant. More and more search engines are using the relevance of your content to measure the quality of your site.

Keywords, keywords, keywords!

  • Make sure you are using Keywords whenever you can–in URLs, descriptions, static content, blog, product names, meta data and so on. Don’t go overboard and have a screen full of keywords, however–Google actually looks for this and will blacklist the site. Do your research and see what keywords potential customers are searching and use them where appropriate.


Make your site easily searchable and “crawlable”

  • Site Map XML
    This is essentially a hierarchical representation of your website. The site map tells search engines about the pages on your website, their relative importance to each other, and how often those pages are updated. Users can also use them to find content on your website without having to go through subpages.
  • Simple and Easy category structure
    Having a simple and searchable category structure is easier said than done. When creating your category structure, keep your potential customer in mind. Would they normally search this product? How many clicks will they want to drill down? How many different products will they look at in order to find the one they are looking for? Can they easily find where and how to start searching?

Describe your visual and video media using alt tags

  • When using visuals or video on your site, make sure to add alternate text for each. This way search engines can index your images and videos, and those using text only browsers can see more than just a blank space.
  • By allowing customer to share, like, or link to your site, you gain the most trusted advertisement: Peer-to-peer.

Quality link backs

  • Challenging, but important for SEO for Magento.  By having links to your site on other sites with relative data, your page ranking will go up. It shows users and search engines that you are a trusted, noteworthy, and creditable business. Links on social media networks also count here!

Google Webmaster Tools

  • Google offers a great package of tools that let you get the data, tools, and diagnostics for a healthy, SEO for Magento friendly,  Google friendly site. Some of these tools are:
  1. Submit a SiteMap
  2. Crawler Stats
  3. Index Stats
  4. Crawler Errors
  • Other search engines also offer these tools, such as Yahoo and Bing

seo for magento

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